It all started as what seemed like a far-fetched dream of theirs: to work together finding and reviving beautiful vintage garments and creating a space to share them with the world. But when the stars aligned correctly, with Paige’s background in graphic design and Kimmy’s background in fashion design/visual merchandising, the two combined all of their skills to create a brand of their very own, adding in the extra special ingredient of course: friendship. *powerpuff girls intro drama*

Paige & Kimmy (aka Kris) are childhood friends who met in 5th grade and lived just two blocks away from each other in Jersey City, NJ… the rest is history!  Their friendship has withstood the test of time and distance and their support of each other’s endeavors resulted in the idea to start a business together, one they were truly passionate about and enjoyed combining their creative forces for.


Paige can be found diving into vintage tunes & films, playing with her pups, Frenchy & Che, or fighting someone for the perfect avocado.

Kris can be found either performing as his alter ego: Kimmy $umony, playing with his pup, Penelope, or eating some delicious pupusas.


These two are yin and yang, ya’ll. The balance is what makes them work!

  • Paige is an introvert and prefers being behind the scenes.
  • Kris is an extrovert and loves a good spotlight.
  • Both love to joke around. You may be taken aback by the constant laughter. 
  • Both get carried away with new ideas. Brainstorms happen often. 
  • Both love to collaborate with other people. They know they can always learn something from a new friend! So say HEY! Hit them up, tell them somethin’ good.